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Why Invest in Small-Cap Stocks?

Small-Cap Stocks remain Wall Street’s most forgotten wealth-creator because they are too “small” for the big investment banks to bother with.

Investment banks could, in theory, buy millions of small-cap stock shares at once. However, if they did a problem would arise.

Their big order would skyrocket the share price, stealing their potential profits.

That’s why the big banks are perennial wallflowers at this secret profit-party.

And since the financial media are in the pockets of the big banks, they don’t point their cameras anywhere near this market.

The banks would rather have you put your cash into the stocks they all but control.

No wonder so few people know about small-cap stocks or take advantage of their dizzying ascents in price...


In fact - 97.32% of Small-Cap Stocks DON'T Make the Cut...


Experts agree… it’s tougher than ever to locate truly elite small-cap stocks among the notorious throngs of worthless imposters. That’s why, when he evaluates a small-cap stock, you might say Nathan Gold morphs from mild-mannered math geek into…

A ferocious stock picker that makes Jim Cramer look like a school boy!

Because when Nathan’s next pick lands in your inbox this coming Friday… you’ll know it sweat-blood to get there! Each week’s pick only makes the cut because it’s muscled thru Nathan’s punishing 17-point “Gold’s Gauntlet”… a trial by fire that puts the average investor’s due diligence to shame.

By requiring each potential pick to climb 17 exhaustive and specially-designed analytical “obstacles”… Nathan dishes out a proprietary test of stock market strength that would make a Marine drill sergeant proud. The goal? To find the 2.68% of elite small-cap stocks ready to rocket into the stratosphere… and separate them from the countless duds who don't deserve to be scraped off a shoe.


How Only the Strongest Stocks Survive...

To even warrant consideration as a “One-Trade-A-Week” pick, the numbers must add up to a company’s shares being criminally undervalued at their current asking price. But still… a small-cap stock doesn’t earn coveted pick-of-the-week status until it jumps an even bigger hurdle.

Because Nathan also needs to see, based on his proprietary analysis, that the stock is poised to go supernova… securing rapid and immediate gains for early investors.

Now YOU too can claim your slice of the small-cap stock profit-pie. Join the One-Trade-A-Week team now without risking a cent… by taking full advantage of your 8-week “trading test-drive."


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