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Our Most Recent Small-Cap Stock Picks


"These are Actual Picks in Chronological Order"

And remember, just because this is improbable, doesn’t mean it’s impossible

and that it couldn’t happen one day… couldn’t happen to you!


Sometimes a company's numbers almost grab me by the shirt collar and demand I delve deeper.

That was the case with AXTG…

A spitfire of a lighting technology company that was overdue a breakout from 75 cents.

Just two weeks after I alerted my subscribers… that breakout arrived!

A 362.67% return later and the stock had risen to $3.47 cents…

Turning your starting stake of $1,000 into $4,625.

With this new money in the bank you can pay off a credit card, or take that trip to Europe you’ve put off for decades.

Nathan Gold Risk Avoidance 101

You’ve just felt the rush of a winner.

But it pays to play it safe.

The smart penny stock investor that you’re about to become will pull their initial investment out of harms way.

PLUS… if you’re really smart, you ring the register and take profit.

So you don’t just pull out your initial $1,000… you also remove $1000 of pure profit… for a 100% return!

This savvy investing safe-guard means you get to relax and enjoy the ride. After all…

Your initial stake is safely back in your pocket…

You’ve doubled your money

And now you’re playing with $2,625 of “house money” from here on out.

This five-figure cash-dump into your bank account is thanks to the folk at International Gas and Oil Holdings (IOGH) who develop oil and gas reserves in Tennessee.

Their metrics were magical… yet they were all but invisible to the financial press.

I knew this couldn’t last for long, and that investors would eventually catch on…

Forcing the price to scream up as if
Thor sledge hammered a carnival “strongman” bell.

Wasting no time, I shot my subscribers a heads up.

Over the next 3 months… a company that once traded at 2 cents a share… didn’t just blast past the 10 cent profit-barrier… it space-shuttled all the way to 25 cents…

securing an out-of-this-world 1,150% gain!

Since $2,625 just turned into $32,812… a host of possibilities now open up for you…

Now you can make a down-payment on a house. You can pay off all your student loans. Or you can bless your driveway with that new Audi you’ve had your eye on.

You eclipse the six-figure mark and only after 3 trades.

The catalyst?

CNWI… an undiscovered San Francisco-based medical tech company.

They’re the brains behind breakthrough “transtelephonic” technology that lets doctors easily monitor patients with abnormal heart rhythms.

Quickly… this couldn’t-miss pick raced breathlessly to a 400% return!

Your $32,812 becoming $164,060 just widened your horizons...

Now you’re knee deep in starter home territory. Or you’re adding that master-suite addition to the house you already own. And just for fun, throw in a pool.

Interrogate the trading charts for long enough… and in my experience… they will direct you to huge hidden profits!

That’s what happened with me and GTXO. The stock had taken a beating since 2008, but I saw a pattern others missed.

At a dozen spots on the charts the stock had hit a slide and been written off… only to bounce back 150% to 200%!

So I waited for the next downside… ran the numbers to make sure… then when the tumble came… my subscribers were the first to know.

Only this time GTXO didn’t just leap back a couple hundred percent… it trampolined 566%!

And that fast… your $164,060 is now $1,092,639!

Now we we’re talking about change your life and ”change the world” money. Fully fund your retirement. Stockpile a massive college fund that gives your kids all the opportunity they could ever wish for.

When GPRLF hit my radar, silver had just struck a 30-year high, so when this undiscovered silver producer crossed my desk, I went to work.

My analysis confirmed it… this undiscovered penny powerhouse was primed to explode!

And boy, did it ever.

In fact… GPRLF joined the big dogs when it graduated to the American Stock Exchange “AMEX” in February of 2011 and now trades under the ticker symbol GPL.

So a 425% return later… and what once began as a small $1,000 stake is now a life-altering $5.7 million windfall.

Your family is financially secure. You’ve gotten to the point where the money doesn’t mean a thing, and isn't that what it's all about?

The day when money becomes an afterthought.

Now… let’s get this straight.

Just 5 trades from today, and this is your new life. It’s like everyday is a dream you don’t want to wake up from. And it came to be without taking hardly any risk whatsoever…

Because, if you remember… at the very start… after celebrating your first win… you pulled your initial $1,000 investment out of the market.

Nathan, I’m ready to join the One-Trade-A-Week Team!


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